Surupa Retreats


Surupa Retreats

Practice • Play • Connect


Find Your Beautiful Truth.

Surupa translates to “Beautiful Truth” in many ancient languages. In practice it means beauty is possible in everything we do. There’s beauty in the food we eat. There’s beauty in how we listen to others. There’s beauty in the way we share with the world.  



It's no coincidence that you have landed here. You’re here because you’re ready to live and love as an amplified version of your best self. And it’s going to be amazing. 

It's likely you've been searching for your life’s true purpose. Perhaps for as long as you can remember. It's also likely you’re a teacher, leader, partner or all of the above.

NOW is your time to lean into what's possible. Let go of what's no longer serving you. Start having more FUN. Find your beautiful truth. Return home transformed.




Our retreats invite teachers, healers, and practitioners from around the globe to share their wisdom and offerings. You come to learn, listen, and integrate what suits your unique path, desires and needs in a safe, supportive paradise.

Most of the developing world understands personal growth and integration becomes possible only when you are witnessed by others in your success OR your grief. A fast track to healing and ascending is mirrored through the eyes of others in compassion, forgiveness and trust. Community is everything. Connection is key. Let us help you find your Surupa.



Upcoming Retreats


Dominical, Costa Rica
November 2018

Discover the magical, bohemian and super-sweet spot of Dominical, Costa Rica.  Enjoy seven nights at the Danyasa Yoga Retreat center, within walking distance to town and the perfect spot to 'plug into source.' 

 Includes ~

  • Opening/Closing Celebration 
  • Breakfast & Dinner (organic/dietary optional)
  • Daily Group/Facilitated Circling
  • Morning & Afternoon Yoga/Meditation
  • Cacao Fire Ceremony
  • Full (‘Hunters’) Moon Ceremony
  • Group Waterfall Excursion

Trip Cost $1695,Private/shared rooms available, ground/air transportation coordinated and paid separately.

Sian Ka'an, Mexico
February 17th-24th 2018

Ten miles south of Tulum lies the 'place where the sky was born,' the Sian Ka'an. This mindfully selected group will share three side-by-side private homes nestled amongst palm trees on an incomparable beach.  

Includes ~

  • Opening/Closing Celebration 
  • 3 Daily Organic & Homemade Meals 
  • Daily Group/Facilitated Circling
  • Morning & Afternoon Yoga/Meditation
  • Cacao Cenote Ceremony
  • Janzu or Mayan Massage
  • Shamaic Ceremony & Sweat Lodge

Trip Cost $1595, Private rooms available for additional cost, air transportation coordinated and paid separately.

Ubud, Bali
August 10th-24th 2018

The spiritual and healing haven of Ubud is the ultimate place for magic to happen.  Guests will stay in a bamboo sanctuary overlooking rice fields surrounded by the sounds of prayer and ancient temples.  

Includes ~

  • Opening/Closing Celebration 
  • 3 Daily Gourmet Meals 
  • Daily Group/Facilitated Circling
  • Morning & Afternoon Yoga/Meditation
  • Water Blessing Ceremony
  • Balinese Massage & Facial
  • Private Shamaic Healing

Trip Cost $2150,Private/shared rooms available for additional cost, air transportation coordinated and paid separately.


The most important part of the day.

Our destinations are remote, rare, and full of opportunities for adventure and fun. You'll have the unsurpassed knowledge of a local leader, taking you out of the guidebooks and into a world you're waiting to discover. Here you'll share your unique passions and gifts while receiving the same from others in a communal and playful space. Experience the culture, cuisine, and indigenous traditions that travelers from all walks of life get excited about, but know that it's the journey (not the destination) that unites us. Weave yourself into the rich tapestry of community, conversations and REAL relating. Playtime activities include snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, bonfires on the beach, and of course--dancing. 


Daily Yoga & Meditation

Many of us are called to practice yoga because it empowers us to get in touch with our bodies, it opens our hearts and quiets our minds. By combining progressive forms of yoga and meditation, while surrounded by's amazing what becomes possible. Guests can select the daily offerings and activities that best align with their intentions and bodies. 



Circle Up!

By creating an intentional space for authentic communication and relating, guests will experience the quality of intimacy and connection that we long for as human beings.  Each morning the group will gather and practice Circling, a form of 'Relational Yoga' that fosters lasting friendships, ignites new love and deepens our awareness.  This practice is growing around the world, bringing in energy of consciousness, evolution and enlightenment.  

‘Yesterday I was so clever and I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, and I’m changing myself.’ Rumi

Alita Watson, Founder

Alita translates to 'little wing' in Spanish, I was named after a birthmark that holds many stories... 

My two remarkably unique parents showed me the world through many lenses and instilled an insatiable sense of adventure and curiosity about the human condition.

I spent the first part of my career creating access to education and medical care for women and children around the world.  I learned how dangerous it can be for people to believe everything they think, or seek affirmation from limited and narrow perspectives.

I was also exposed to a level of human suffering that forever changed my path and came to realize that in order to make true and sustainable impact, we must first 'look within.'  

Today I teach conscious communication and empower change-makers to create cultures based in trust, transparency and compassion. 

I'm  boundlessly inspired to provide access to the wonders of the world, the quality of connection and the community that is inherent to the developing world that I once served.



Vanessa Weseman, Wing Woman

I came into this world as an unexpected surprise and youngest of five, bright eyed and ready to learn everything my parents and siblings could teach me.  As a Himalayan Hatha yoga teacher and 'breath worker' my father made a profound impact on my life and spiritual path.

I quickly became a rebel and went through many phases (punk-rock was my fav).  When I started questioning my bigger purpose I realized that I loved to make people feel beautiful, so I began studying cosmetology and aesthetics...but that was just the beginning.  

I went onto study Vinyasa yoga, Buddhism, salsa dancing and tantric breath work. I've participated in and become certified in The Landmark Forum, non-violent communication and 'The Art of Circling.' 

Today I am a 'Wing Woman' with Alita, bringing my FULL self and wisdom to the experiences that we co-create. Together we design a space that embodies beauty and radical acceptance. We can be silly and playful, or go deep and hold space for others in their transitions or pain. We're here to help you pave your OWN PATH to full expression, insightful study, self and mind development.


Will Staten, partner & Presence Guru

Originally from Texas and a lifetime soccer player, I was in search of a safer physical outlet to match soccers mental and physical challenge. Eventually I found yoga and fell in love! I trained in Hatha yoga and began teaching at festivals like Coachella and Burning Man.

I create a space for students to push their edge, to feel connected to community, to explore meditation or to simply SWEAT.  I empower my students to design and deepen their yoga practice by introducing progressive forms of movement, breath and meditation. I create a space for yogi’s to listen and learn from their body, rather than simply going (or pushing) through the motions—and to have FUN.

Today I teach at studios throughout Los Angeles, I work with private clients and lead retreats around the world.  As my student you can count on me to guide you with genuine care and playfulness…I’ll introduce you to the greatest adventure, the one that lies within. 



I've spent over 16 years traveling the globe, exploring my truth and discovering my passions. I became fascinated with homeopathic medicine when I developed a skin disorder in my early thirties, and discovered my 'art form' of helping others heal from skin maladies, through quality skin care and healing touch.

I understand how vulnerable it can be to have your 'book not match the cover' when it comes to skin. My loving energy brings a smile to everyone I put my hands on, and I've been told I have a unique gift for making people feel relaxed and lavishly loved. 

You can count on me to be the first to welcome you to our retreats, ensuring that you have everything you need to feel exceptionally cared for throughout the duration of your experience.  I'll also be available to provide facials and massage, customized to your unique needs and desires. 

I feel blessed to share my gifts with you, and co-create beauty and truth with the seekers, healers and change-makers of the world.


Lets Go Anywhere.

Where do we begin?  Introduce yourself, share your story, so we can begin to consider how the next chapter unfolds...